Finding a Credit Counselor

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Will setting up a debt management plan affect my credit?

Finding a Credit Counselor

You've had it. Your bills are stacking up. The collectors won't stop calling. You need debt relief tips, advice, and help. You need a debt relief solution now! And that's just what a debt management plan can offer. But will it hurt your credit rating? It's true that debt management plans will show up on your credit report. However, more so than ever, that information is being viewed more as a positive than a negative. After all, at least you're making payments and shouldering your responsibility, right? Participating in a debt management plan will make it harder, at least for a while, to get new credit. In fact, some debt management plan administrators insist you agree not to apply for new credit for the duration of the repayment period. Of course, if you are already so far in debt that you need a debt management plan, you really shouldn't be taking on additional debt anyway.



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