Five Signs You May Be a Compulsive Spender

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Am I a compulsive spender?

Five Signs You May Be a Compulsive Spender

According to the National Consumer Council as many as one in ten people is a compulsive spender. How can you tell if you are compulsive spender? Money gurus agree that there are certain traits shared by compulsive spenders, also called compulsive debtors: • If you are unclear about your finances… • If you don't know things about your finances such as account balances, monthly expenses, and interest rates… • If you are using one credit card to pay another… • If spending money gives you a rush… • If you feel "better" when you buy things on credit than when you pay cash… …you may be a compulsive spender. To take a fifteen question quiz to decide if you are a compulsive spender, check out the Debtors Anonymous Web site. The site also includes resources for finding help.



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