Consumer Rights

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What are my rights under Check 21?

Consumer Rights

Under the Check 21 Act, you have the right to request a reaccredit of disputed funds. A regular copy of a check does not carry these same protections. If you ask for a copy of a check, your bank may send you an ordinary copy instead of a substitute check copy. Make sure you specifically request the substitute check copy as it entitles you to certain legal rights and protections, including the right to receive a refund of up to $2,500 in disputed amounts within ten days.

You should make sure you request your bank send you all copies of any substitute checks with your bank statement to ensure that you do not lose any of your rights to dispute transactions in the future. If your bank invites you to sign up for voluntary check truncation, don't do it. Voluntary check truncation means you are agreeing that the bank does not have to send you copies of substitute checks. This, in essence, means you are throwing out the window your rights to dispute errors to your account.



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