Transferring Credit Card Balances

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Should I transfer my high interest debt to a lower interest credit card?

Transferring Credit Card Balances

If you are trying to pay off high interest bills and can't seem to get ahead of them, one way to do so is to transfer your balance to a lower interest rate credit card. You can find a list of the lowest rate credit cards by visiting financial guru Suze Orman's Web site. There you'll find a list of reputable credit cards offering low fixed rates or low introductory rates and the terms of offered by each. You may have to pay a balance transfer fee to move your balance over, but the difference in rates will probably more than offset the fee.

One thing you do need to watch out for is teaser rates. Some companies offer low- or no-interest rates for a few months then jack the rate up, sometimes as high as 29 percent. Make sure you read the fine print. Also, keep in mind that every time you apply for credit, a credit report is pulled. If you credit report gets pulled too often, your credit score will go down.



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