Correcting Credit Report Mistakes

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How do I correct inaccuracies on my credit report?

Correcting Credit Report Mistakes

You pay your bills on time. Your available credit is far from the limit. You have a solid employment history. And your debt to income ratio is well within lenders' guidelines. Why then, are you being turned down for unsecured personal loans or offered exorbitant interest rates? It could be because there is inaccurate negative information on your credit report.

Some commonly overlooked personal loans advice is to monitor the information in your credit report on a regular basis. Get a copy of your credit report at least twice a year. If you find mistakes in the information, you can dispute it with the credit reporting agency and the agency is obligated to fix it.

To find out how to correct mistakes on your credit report, visit the consumer money section of's Web site. There you will find information on how to dispute credit report errors, plus a ton of other useful information on managing your finances.



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